Fighters vs Coaches Analysis

A client and I were having a conversation about aspects that can make fighters coaches (good or bad) and all the variables in between. In my opinion this is where the waters can get a little mucky and you can see so much good and bad. I have seen some mediocre fighters that were awesome coaches, and on the flip side seen some bad ass fighters coach like absolute shit.

In my mind a good coach doesn’t have to be some former world champion, he just has to have the knowledge and have at least applied it so that way he can guide his fighter to better success. The thing I hate about any type of sport coaching or training is that they’re a lot of “jack of all trades but master of none”. I’ve been coaching as my career for a while now and I can honestly say that I don’t know everything and I have my few niches, which comes out in my training. I had a coach that was awesome at the kicking game, but mediocre at clinching. This doesn’t make him a bad coach it makes him awesome at teaching kicking. When I coach I try to look at the big picture. If I don’t have the skill that my fighter needs, I search for another coach that has that skillset to help me make the fighter better, or I try to learn because I think a coach should never stop learning. Coaching isn’t about you as the coach it’s about the fighter and giving him the tools he needs by any means necessary.



And also realize that not everyone is “coachable”. I have seen some seriously arrogant fighters out there who can’t seem to ever mesh with any coach they work with. In my opinion if the fighter your working with isn’t coachable, it becomes a waste of both people’s time. I have had to let fighters go because of this very thing. The coach vs fighter relationship needs to be in sync to help not only make that fighter better but to also help you be a better coach.

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